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Awesome Racing Games for Android in 2021

Racing games are all time favorites of gamers in every platform like- Java Phones, Android, IOS, Consoles, PC etc. With excellent graphics these games are dominating. Driving within a given map is too crazy. In this article you will be suggested the online and offline best android racing games.

Best racing games for Android

Asphalt 9: Legends

Asphalt 9: Legends is a superb racing game revealed in 2018.The game has outstanding real-like graphics even in mobile. Both single player and multiplayer modes are enough to free the hands. Because of the game's big size it has the finest gameplay.
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Need for speed no limits

Need for speed no limit is a mobile game of NFS series. The NFS series is a much loved series in PC and Consoles. Although NFS no limits launched in 2015, has updated amazing graphics. The game has both Single player and Multiplayer mode. You will feel no limit of adventure in this game.

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Beach Buggy Racing 

Beach buggy racing is one of the best car racing game. This games size is only about 80 MB and updated in 2019. Incredible gameplay even in a small size is very much surprising. The graphics are not so bad. Overall it is a great enjoyable racing game. 
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Beach Buggy Racing 2

Beach buggy racing 2 is around 95 MB is a wise choice in games under 100MB. The game is featuring multiplayer beach buggy racing league is a satisfying competitive game. Marvelous gameplay of this game is appreciated by many players.
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Hill Climb Racing 

In every racing games the main concept is to compete with other and become fast. But, in hill climb racing this is different. You can say hill climb racing - an endless racer game. It is unique and also impressive. Gameplay is you have to drive car collecting fuels, coins and drive in difficult up down situation.
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Hill Climb Racing 2

Hill climb racing 2 game's concept is same as Hill climb racing. It has increased graphics, sounds, gameplay than hill climb racing. With multiplayer mode it is a nice upgrade in vehicles and maps. The games officials said that in this game they try to maintain Physics. It is a cool game for the Physics lovers.

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Real Racing 3

Real Racing 3 is published by NFS publisher EA games in 2013. This game comprise of Formula 1 racing is the game's quality. .It is still receiving updates and  not outdated yet. Graphics- Very good (only in 40 MB), Gameplay- good. The game has won many awards. 
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Forza Street: Tap Racing Game

Forza Street: Tap Racing Game by Microsoft has magnificent racing with 3D visuals on the Forza streets. Compete against the players and drive fast to win the game.  Quality game for time pass and have fun.
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CSR Racing 2 – Free Car Racing Game

CSR racing 2 is just over powered. Featured superior multiplayer mode with a Leader board. The only android racing game with AR(Augmented reality) mode. The cars are delightful and good looking. You should try this game at least once.
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Rebel Racing

Rebel Racing is a smart choice for those who are looking for real-like graphics in android. Its size varies with device. Physics is cleverly maintained in this game. Good interference for customizing cars.
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Asphalt Nitro

Asphalt nitro- an amazing effort by Gameloft. I have spent quality times 4 years ago. I remember my experience and cleared many level. Many modern and luxury cars are the identity of this game. Play one time and you will love this game.
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