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The best Marvel and DC Superhero games for Android check out now

Sometimes we think to have abilities like super heroes. But, the reality is beyond that. The super hero games features a good plot to fight with super villains. Playing as favorite super hero gives awesome experience. In this Article explore the best Marvel and DC games.

The best Superhero games for Android

Joker Image- Best superhero games for android

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Marvel Superhero Android Games

DC Superhero Android Games

Marvel Contest of Champions-

Do the epic battle among your favorite superheroes. e.g. Captain America Vs Ironman Spiderman Vs Wolverine and more.

Marvel Future Fight

The game features more than 100 playable superheroes. Also got editors choice in Play store. Players have to complete missions in this game.

Marvel Strike Force

In Marvel Strike Force you have to battle against super villains as the superhero. Make your squad of spider man, ant man, Captain America, Iron man, Groot, Rocket. 

Marvel Avengers Academy

Discover a new Avengers world, battle epic Marvel Villains, Build your dream Academy. The story of the game is Kree attacks  Noh-varr and Mar-Vell multiversal superheroes.

Marvel Amazing Spider-Man 2(Paid)

The Marvel Amazing Spider-Man 2 is a 3d open-world game. The game is full of crime-fighting, web-slinging, and non-stop action.

Injustice 2

Assemble the team comprise of superhero legends or supervillain and fight with other superhero or supervillain.

DC Legends: Fight Superheroes

Play as DC superheroes like Wonder Woman, Super Man, Bat Man, The Joker, The flash and more. You have to lead the team of DC's champions to victory.

Teen Titans Go Figure

Challenge your friends to teeny battles. You have to collect figures, make your squad, choose your titan and go beyond jump city.

Injustice: Gods Among Us

You have to build a team of DC superheroes. Have a 3vs3 combat between superheroes or superheroes team.

The super hero games are truly an adventurous to play. Hope this post was helpful you to find the best marvel and dc super hero games for Android.

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