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Best shooting games for android to play now | Free and Paid


Best shooting games for android you should play right Now

Explore the best android shooting games in this article. There are many shooting games available on playstore. Some of them are free and few of them are paid.

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What is a shooting game?

Shooting games is one type of action games where players have to fight enemies with their weapons. The weapons may be Guns, Grenades, Melee weapons etc. In various shooter games player have to fight as a given character in a given map.

Types of shooting games

There are various types of shooting games. Like- First Person Shooter, Third Person Shooter, Arena Shooters, Battle Royale Shooters etc. Some Shooting games are online, some are offline and some are both online and offline.

Best shooting Games for Android List

Call of Duty Mobile

Critical OPS

PUBG Mobile

Garena Free Fire

Hitman Sniper(Paid)

PUBG Mobile Lite


Modern Combat 5:eSports FPS

NOVA Legacy

Call Of Duty Mobile

Call of duty mobile is a battle royale game launched by Activision in 2019.It entered mobile and did many records like- It was the first game which was launched over 100 countries in IOS. It has 100 players battle royale mode. The Game features a magnificent 5v5 TDM mode.

Critical OPS

Critical OPS is a Free to play online FPS multiplayer game developed by Critical force entertainment Ltd. Which features combat in different maps and  has many game modes. It is one of the best Mobile shooting games. It has three different game modes i.e.- DEFUSE, TEAM DEATHMATCH, GUN GAME.

PUBG Mobile

PUBG mobile is a 100 player battle royale game developed by PUBG corporation. It is a mainly Third person shooter game but it also has FPS mode. PUBG Mobile has excellent and real-like awesome graphics. This game is one of the best battle royale games. Like every battle royale game you have to survive till last zone by killing enemies.

Free Fire

Free Fire is the ultimate shooter survival battle royale game launched by Garena.It was the most downloaded game in 2019. It has 50 player battle royale Ranked and classic mode, Clash squad which is a 4vs4 mode and many other modes. It is one of the best android shooter games. Free Fire is awarded as eSports game of the year 2020.

Hitman Sniper

Hitman Sniper is a Paid tactical sniper mission game. It is the best sniper shooting game on mobile. This game features 150+ missions and 10 different contracts. Hitman Sniper comes with 16 unique guns.The player as Agent 47 has to complete missions.

PUBG Mobile Lite

PUBG Mobile Lite is the lite version of PUBG Mobile specially made for low and mid range phones. It is a 60 player battle royale game. It has TDM and Battle royale modes. It is a good shooting  game for those people who have low end phones.


Fortnite is a free to play battle royale game published by epic games.I want to clear that this game is only playable on High End Android devices. You need at least a Snapdragon 665 or Mediatek G80 processor for it. The game has the best graphics ever in an Android phone. The size of Fortnite is 7.2 GB.

Modern Combat 5:eSports FPS

Modern Combat 5:eSports FPS is a free online multiplayer game published by Gameloft. This comes in the best FPS games for android. In this game you have to fight in squad vs squad with powerful guns. The game also has a SOLO story mode where you have to solve missions.

Nova Legacy

Nova Legacy is a free 3d sci-fi both online and offline shooter game launched by Gameloft. It’s size is only 45 MB. In story mode the player has to defeat Aliens and complete their missions. In multiplayer mode the game features Deathmatch and Team DeathMatch. This game can be listed in best first person shooter games on mobile devices. 

Have fun with the above listed shooting games for android. The games are exciting and enjoyable. The tactics of games give enough exercise to the brain.

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