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Will Free Fire banned in India?

Free Fire is a battle royale game developed by 111 Dots studio and published by Garena. It was the most popular and most downloaded game in 2019. Till May 2020 free fire has set the record with 80 million daily active users globally.

There is a rumor is going on that Free Fire will ban after PUBG ban. Government will ban this game because it has Chinese share. In this article I’m going to explain will free fire ban in India.

Before I wrote anything first you should know why PUBG mobile was banned. PUBG mobile was developed by PUBG corporation but published by Tencent games. PUBG asks for various permissions like-microphone,location,device IMEI. Tencent games which was a Chinese company had the opportunity to maintain pubg mobile its data, server and others. Because Tencent was Chinese that’s why their servers and data was located in China. There are some issues are happening on India-China border. So, Chinese government may do spy by its mobile games and application. It was also causing danger for Indian’s privacy.

Will Free Fire ban in India?

            No, free fire will not ban. Free fire was published by Garena which is a Singapore based company. The servers and data of Free fire are located in Singapore. So, there is no chance to spy for China and no insecurity to Indian’s privacy. There no chance to ban free fire for privacy and security. And people are saying FF may banned for its Chinese share. It is not correct because various Indian apps like- PayTM and BYJUS etc. has Chinese share but government will not ban these apps. Like that Free Fire will not banned. 

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